Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Cycles of Life

Baudillo and Martha Cruz
 With great sorrow we said good-bye to Baudillo (65) last week.  He had been sick with on-going indigestion for several weeks and hospitalized two weeks ago when his lungs filled up with fluid and strained his heart.  Although he came home from the hospital for a few days, soon he was coughing up blood and couldn't breath and was sent back.  While he was in the hospital I visited him several times. I always brought him Bible verses that I had marked in my Bible with sticky notes. I read the verse to him and then helped him find it in his Bible leaving the sticky note to save the place for him.  The verse I selected was almost always already underlined.  He said he liked to read the underlined verses to remember what God had promised.  The last week he had trouble reading the Bible.  He was too tired.  He appreciated when someone would read for him. Right up until the end he was praying and trusting God. We all know that he is with Jesus in Heaven.  Although Martha is Deaf and comes to our Deaf Church in the mornings, Baudillo and Martha usually went to the Mennonite Church Sunday evenings.  Pastor Reuben led the Homecoming Celebration. When I drop in on Martha to see how she is doing, someone else often visits while I'm there.   They always ask, "How are you doing?  Are you sad?"  She replies, "Baudillo is in Heaven.   I miss him but he is happy." Such assurance.

Reinalda (deaf) holds her 10 hour old grandson.
Yaniry (Deaf) and her husband (hearing)  have one son.  He is 16.  Last spring, much to everyone's surprise, she found out she was pregnant. Hmmmm.  Last week, the day after Baudillo died, Yaniry gave birth to a healthy 6.5 pound baby boy.  Isn't he beautiful?  He's a perfect baby with every little tiny feature in the right place. Sulmi, Kristel, Brittany and I took Reinalda to the hospital to meet her grandson and took this picture. 

I couldn't help but think about how short our life is here on earth. Some moments seem so long, like any time we have to wait in line. The time goes so slowly....but in the end it goes so fast.  Baudillo was dying for about 3 weeks. It seemed like just a blink, a short moment and his life was over. I cared about him and miss him. I thank God that his example of a life well-lived was full of gratitude and praise for God. Dear Jesus help me to fill these few days that I have with activity that brings glory to you doing something and thinking things that are worthy of this short life on earth.