Wednesday, August 6, 2008

God is Faithful

Our God is truly an awesome God! As a first born I tend to want to be in “control”. I like to have plans and lists and all the details figured out. But the more I work in partnership with God I learn that He is in control and I can leave the details to him. God more than amply meets all my needs.

I look around my house in Belize and see a blender and chopper that the Mennonite Women of Virginia sent me. When I left the US I was wondering about what to do for a vehicle and Hector said, “Maybe someone will donate a van to your ministry. “ I laughed and said , “Yeah right!” but within 15 months God had raised the money and tapped the people and I was sitting with a brand new 15 passenger van in my driveway. I also had worried about companionship. I didn’t come with a husband or a co-worker. I still would love to have someone to share the work and minister particularly to the boys, but I don’t lack companionship. God has blessed me with Sulmi and Kristel who keep me centered on what’s important, the women who come for girl’s night, friends from home and my sisters who keep in touch several times a week regarding their lives and a book study we are doing together, the teachers I work with, and the Spanish Mennonite Church here. I definitely don’t lack companionship! God also seems to bring people into my life just when I need them like the time Galen showed up and fixed the green table just as the leg was falling off. Sandi Harris and her family invited me to San Pedro with them and listened, counseled and prayed with me when I really needed the support. Then there’s Vera and Basil DeKlerk who appeared one Sunday and unknowingly made a donation that covered the cost of a table for our fellowship to the penny, just after I bought it because we really needed it but really didn’t have the money for it. And God sends friends like Linda and (and previously Katie) who came from Lancaster, PA to help with VBS. They were a Godsend. I could never have done VBS alone. In addition they brought suitcases full of craft materials for VBS and gifts from other friends in Lancaster.

Sometimes I think God calls people to ministry and they say, "Uhhh.. is it really you, God?" Like Peter did in Matthew 14. He's in a boat in the middle of a storm. There's lots of wind and he looks up to see Jesus walking towards the boat...ON THE WATER! Impossible. So he says, "It must be a ghost." But it wasn't a ghost, it was the Lord. And the Lord said, "Be brave! It is I. Have courage." But Peter, more courageous than the others who said nothing, shouted back across the wind, "Lord is it really you? If it is you show me a sign, let me walk on water."

Have faith, friends. When the God of the universe calls you to work with him (imagine that!) in partnership (!) and says, "Come!" don't get stuck on the details or ask for signs. Just go.

God is faithful. You will be blessed and awed at how Jehovah Jirah will supply all your needs “beyond your wildest dreams”. And just think about it: is there anyone else you would rather work for?

Blessings to anyone who is thinking about mission work.
May God give you His peace,

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  1. Nancy,
    In your words about Matthew 14 I heard you talking about how you've been invited to step out on the water and what God has done along the way.

    It takes great faith to walk out there. Thankfully we have a faithful God who meets us right when we do step out there in faith