Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas from Belize!

Sulmi with her brother and sisters in front of the neighbor's "Christmas Tree".
Dear Friends and Prayer Warriors,
Thank you for praying for us and following this blog this year. One friend said, "You sure have had a lot of drama this year." I think that the drama is part of being in the middle of what God is doing. Sometimes there are astounding transformations in people's lives that are so rewarding. I just spent an hour praying and reading the Bible with Edgar. Yesterday he sent me a letter: "Please, can you and I study the Bible? I want to follow Jesus. Please can we meet today?"

I asked Manuel if he would lead worship while I am in the states for Christmas and minor surgery on my finger. He jumped at the chance. (YES!) I reminded him I would not be here to drive, so everyone would have to get to church themselves. He's already planning what he wants to preach on. He's telling everyone to come to church on the 27th. He is so excited. He is so "called". I praise God because a year ago he had turned his back on the church. Now he is letting the Holy Spirit lead him to do God's will. It's one of God's transformations.

Finances? I don't know how God does it, but I am just so thankful how blessed I am, from people who send Dr. Wonder Workshop videos, books for school and church, a computer for me, a projector for the church, money for the school to build a bathroom, Christmas gifts for the children, a HUGE box of seasonal crafts, Crystal Light, and money to support transportation needs...

All these blessings and answers to prayer remind me daily that God is working here in Belize. There is drama, and attacks from dogs, mean people and other diversions, but God answers that with blessings and support and change and your encouragement. So I think of all of you this Christmas and thank you for being part of God's plan and work here in Belize.

Our theme this advent has been "O, Come let Us Adore Him". I pray, as I write, that you will encounter the Christ child, and living Jesus with unbridled adoration, just like the wisemen, angels, Mary, Joseph and all of the shepherds who ran to find him, then knelt to worship him.

With love,


  1. Thank you for your wonderful, uplifting blog. It is a blessing to me and I share events from your ministry with my church and urge everyone to pray for you and the work there. Blessings for 2010. Karen Halterman

  2. Hi Karen:
    Thanks so much for the encouragement :-)
    I am also thrilled to hear you share the blog with your church. Maybe it will encourage others to jump into mission work.

    This week the children have asked many questions about the earthquake in Haiti. Can it happen in Belize? Was God mad? Why did God let it happen?They are hard questions to answer because I am not satisfied with my own answers. I still ask questions...

    This Sunday we told the story of Joseph (the one with the fancy coat) and all the rotten things that happened to him and how God was with him through it all. Even Job, God was with him. It seems we want God to be a fixer-upper and God is more of a walk with-er.

    We had a new deaf man join us. He was orphaned in November when his last surviving relative was shot by the Belize military in a skirmmish at the Guatemalen/Belize border. I thanked God for giving me the Joseph story to tell today. Maybe it gave this young man some encouragement.

    He wandered up to OWalk...looking for a place to live and a job. He went to a deaf friend's house and has been there a week. Pray we can help him find a job in a very tight job market...and when he does not have any marketable skills yet. Maybe one of the men who work with wood will take him on? Pray for him. His name is Prudencio.


  3. Hello Nancy,

    I've been trying to reach you for a while. I hope everything is going well. Say hello to the kids for me. When you get a chance, please email me.

    Many Thanks,
    Nicar Bocalan