Saturday, February 9, 2013

Inconsistent Electrical Power and Internet

This morning I woke up to a power outage.  No electricity is something that we deal with maybe once a month here.  Recently it has been less frequent than that.  Sometimes it is more frequent.  Living in the US I take electricity for granted.  Just when I start to get used to expecting electricity here, I am reminded it is not a "given".  I started to think about what to do for my sermon tomorrow without a power point.  Preaching to our group without visuals is tough...Some know only a few signs.  The pictures really help make the connection.  So I got up to read my Bible and pray and .... 10:20 the electricity came on.  (Later Brittany told me she had heard some teachers talking about how it would come back on at 10:00.   So it wasn't miraculous but it sure was convenient.)  Just when I was starting my "we have electricity" celebration I realized we still did not have internet.  Hmmmm
My internet is always cutting off.  I think there are too many people connected to the line on my street?  I don't really know why, but we often have a problem.  Brittany wanted to check email and blog.  We decided to go to the school library and use the internet there.  Shoot.  They didn't have a connection either.   Next stop was New Balance restaurant...nope they were closed.  Last stop: the Maya restaurant.  The waiter assured us the connection was working...but we could not get it to work.  We could connect to their wireless but our computers said that there was no internet access.  Hmmmm.   With apologies for not buying anything  (yikes) we left and decided to just come home.  Both of us remarked how very dependent our lives are on internet.  Brittany said that without internet her list of things she had to do today dwindled to almost nil.
I was still thinking that I wanted to create a power point sermon with images.  I wondered how I could do that.
We decided to ask Kristel's mother if we could use their internet because they have a different server.  Maybe theirs was working.   I can pick up their wireless at my house if I have their password.  Camy generously gave me her password and I set up outside where I could pick it up with two bars. Not bad.  Phew!   I set up the fan, a table, a chair and had a nice view of the garden and all the people passing by.  What a comfy place to spend a Saturday afternoon in front of the computer!  It all worked out.  Praise God.

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