Monday, August 26, 2013

CODA VBS 2013: We Trust God

This one-week, mornings only, VBS was for the young hearing children of the Deaf adults in our church. We also included the two Deaf children who were in the preschool as St Peter's last year and their siblings. We prayed, sang songs, learned a Bible story, learned a memory verse, made crafts, played games and had a snack all within a two hour time frame.  Whew!  It was busy, but we had lots of help!  Everyday was a great day.  I was thankful that our church has these young children that we can nurture in the faith.
 Selena has four children including a 3 week old baby.  She came to help.

 I did not expect to have Sulmi helping because she had just had a tonsillectomy the Friday before VBS started.  After staying home all day on Monday in front of the TV, Tuesday morning she said, "I cannot do that again, I need to come to VBS."  She was our photographer.

 Alva brought both of her children and helped with crafts.  She also helped Joshue participate in the games.

Angelica was an angel.  She helped everyone!  She really excels at knowing how to make each child feel successful. Here she is teaching Glenford to cut and clapping because he did it independently.

Kristel was the one who played with the children who were too young to do the game or craft.  Here she is dancing with Renick.

Here are some pictures to give you the general idea of our week:
Dramatizing Jesus in the boat during the storm.  I was making the storm and Berta was Jesus sleeping on the stool.  Most of the rest of the children were "the boat".

The crafts were the highlight of the day.  

The children were proud that they were able to memorize a Bible verse.
Our verse for the week was:
"Trust God with all your heart." Psalm 3:5

All of the children waiting for worship to start.

Morine and sister Adrienne

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