Friday, October 4, 2013

First Friday Fun Night

Here we all are....waiting to start.

This month was a Game Night.  It was so much fun!  Below are some pictures.

This game is called "A Knotty Problem".  5 clotheslines, 10 players.  The clothes lines were wound over and under the benches...criss-crossing each other.  Each member of a team stands at one end of the rope where it is knotted to the bench.  At "Go!" they untangle their end of the rope until they meet in the middle. Several people said this was their favorite game of the night.

Misael is relaxing and chomping on our snack: vegetables, chips, and dip.

 Human Tic-Tac-Toe...This was another "favorite". 

Nice picture of Reinalda...I like seeing her with a big smile.

The Card Toss:  4 people each have a suit of cards from a full deck.  Simutaneously they flip the cards to land in a square marked on the floor.  The team (red or black) with the most cards IN the square wins.

 This was a balloon relay.  Josue loves balloons so he was often in the middle or playing with his own white balloon.

 More laughs from the balloon relay game.

Next month will be a movie night.  If anyone has a great suggestion of a Christian movie that lends itself to discussion...let me know.  

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