Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Give Me Some of that Living Water!

On Sunday we dramatized the story of the Samaritan women at the well. It's a multi-faceted story where Jesus tells a non-jewish woman that he is the Messiah, he shows a total lack of prejudice to Samaritans, he explains that where we worship is not important and that true worship is where the worshippers seek God in Spirit and truth, and in the end the woman models the the joy of telling others that she has met Jesus and that he is the source of living water.  Ahhh, this one story could be the topic of sermons for many Sundays.  Last week I focused on defining what Jesus meant by "living water".  Lord, I pray that these leaders who dramatized Jesus' conversation with the woman at the well would thirst for your living water, your word, your truth, your peace, faith in you and eternal life. I pray that this living water would spring up inside of them and overflow. I pray that in acting out the story, some of your living water took up residence in their hearts.  

 Chelsea and her friend Rachel Koons, joined the drama as the townspeople.  After the woman learned that Jesus was the Messiah, she ran and told everyone to come and meet the Messiah...and they came in awe, listening to him for 2 days...begging for more.  It was great to have Rachel with us.

Since I had the camera with me,  we took a group picture...but oops too late, Alva, her son, and Martha had already left.  I'll bring the camera again soon.


  1. What a great prayer and challenge. Let us all thirst daily for living water from the true source.

  2. Always good to know what God is doing in your group, Nancy. Blessings!