Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fun and Games

First Friday Fun Night thus month was a game night.  The first challenge was getting everyone to the church.We had 28 people including one baby....all packed into my 15 passenger van (!) It was squishier than sardines in a can. Everyone was patient and willing to endure the short but hot and bumpy trip to Pastor Ruben Lieva's church.  (Our church was being used by Pastor Chon).

We ate chips, dip, vegetables and brownies and then played a mix of Minute-to-Win-It games and relays.
I hope the pictures make you giggle.

Selena"s girls plus Yahayna eating the snack.

Rayan and Juan

Paper Chase
Sulmi, Elizanie, Raheem, and Lupita

Popcorn!  Each partner grouping tries to toss or catch the most pieces of popcorn in their mouth.

This was messy but probably the best game of the night.
Gillian and Mauricio play "Face Cookie".

Josue screamed with excitement when he saw the van pull up.  He loves to go to church activities.  

The object of this game was to chew a piece of Bubblicious.  The first person to make a face sized bubble, wins.  Martha was the champ.
This was a water relay with the objective of filling the Coke bottle.

Cupstacker.  We played many partnerings of this game.

Back to back.

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