Friday, July 4, 2014


     About a year ago we started to have a monthly fun fellowship time because we just needed a chance to "BE" with each other and enjoy each other outside of worship and Bible study. It has been a time when Deaf people who do not normally come to church, feel safe being among other Deaf people without making a commitment to church attendance.  Last week we had two Deaf visitors.  One came came for the first time and one for the second.  

Our Fun Fridays always begin with food :-)
It's usually Belizean dip and tortilla chips, veggies for the dip, something sweet like cookies or bars, and juice.

Jadin likes the cheese dip.

We invite all of the brothers and sisters of the deaf child to come as well.  Maybe they will learn some sign language.  Many have become a part of our fellowship even on Sundays. In the picture above sitting with Kristel are Lupita, Yuhayna, and Mauricio.  The last three are Alejandro's siblings.

Ah!  BINGO!  This was definitely a more low key night than our usual relays and "Minute-to-Win It" games!
Even so there was lots of laughter and fun.  Everyone could participate.  With the more raucous activities, the older women tend to sit it out.

Bingo wasn't fun or interesting for the youngest CODA children so Kathy set up a table of things they could play with.  I appreciate Kathy's help with the children.  ARGH! I wonder what we will do when she leaves in two weeks ?!!

Bierta has always liked to play with dolls.  Another big thanks goes to Kathy for buying these Barbies.

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