Saturday, August 23, 2014


Coda VBS 

     This VBS was designed to provide a Summer Bible School for the children of our Deaf church members.  We also included young siblings of Deaf members and two young Deaf children. All of the children were under 8 years old except the boy on the far left is a neighbor of Selena (standing with the baby).  He doesn't fit the equation but when I pulled up, he jumped in the van.  Hmmm.  How could I say "You can't come to church." (??!)   It worked out.  This photo from the first day is when we had 10 children.  By Friday we had 16.

     We had tremendous helpers!  Kristel and Lupita assisted the children with all the activities.  They were invaluable.  Kristel is so patient with some of the children who have behavioral issues.  She doesn't seem to get frustrated.  Lupita helped to show the children how to make the craft or play the game.  She and Kristel added laughter and goofiness to a lot of what we did. Sulmi is the most introverted of the three and preferred to take the pictures.  All of the pictures, except for group shots, were taken by her.  

     We started at 9:00 and ended at 11:30 AM.  The general schedule was:
  • Worship (prayer and singing)
  • memory verses and prizes
  • the new Bible story and drama
  • the new memory verse
  • active play (games outside)
  • a drink and snack
  • Centers (The children needed some time to play but not do it in unison with the group, so I set up 4 stations where they could be creative and work at their own pace....blocks/cars and trucks, playdoh with some cookie cutters related to the theme of the day, a craft, and something else that fit the theme.)
  • Prayer and dismissal
Here are the pictures :-)


Clothes relay.

Can you jump the river? (The ropes spread father apart after each round.)


Selwayne playing Jesus and calling the disciples to "Come follow me".

This was the story of the lost sheep and the good shepherd who cares about us.

Jesus to Peter, "Do you love me?"


Marshmallow treats for those who remembered their verses.

We "fished" for the words from our verse and then glued them in order.



 Marble painting....This was a blast!

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