Friday, January 9, 2015

Honor Roll

Congratulations Sulmi!
It wasn't easy to get honor roll this first term of high school.  She had a new interpreter to get used to.  The interpreter is terrific, but she has a different style, a "high school style".  In the past Sulmi's interpreters have helped her alot.  When the teacher gives a task, the interpreter would re-explain and guide Sulmi through it. The interpreter and I agreed that she needs to try to wean Sulmi from the "helper" role.  Sulmi can do it. She's smart. This weaning was hard.  It forced Sulmi to really pay attention to the interpreting, not space out and then wait for her private "tutoring".  It was a difficult transition, but she did it!  So proud  of her!

All of the honor students are standing outside the church ready to file in for the honors mass. Sulmi is between two good friends and classmates, Veronica and Heidi Uh.

The principal of Bishop Martin High School, Mr. Pook, is handing out the cards to the students that achieved honor roll.  Some in the faculty were amazed and said, "Sulmi is Deaf and she can achieve honors.  That should be a model for the other children."

Go Sulmi!

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