Monday, March 2, 2015


Sometimes it is difficult to keep Morine focused and on task.  That makes sense.  She's 7 years old and 3 hours (8:30 - 11:30) with a teacher one-on-one must be pretty exhausting even with a 30 minute recess at 10:00.  During the mornings we have several things to complete each day: practice sight word vocabulary, practice the spelling words for the week, read a story in her reading book and discuss it, write in her "My Stories" creative writing log, and finally do a lesson in math.   Sometimes while we are working through all of this, she makes dramatic yawns and stretches.  She asks for water and then to go to the bathroom. I do not want to pressure her or drive her too hard but I know she can be more focused and being more focused makes her life and my teaching much easier.  So I created the 11:15 reward.   If she has finished everything by 11:15 she can do something fun. Before the morning begins she chooses what she will do for the reward.  There's lots of options: make a bead necklace, play an educational game on my tablet, paint, look at books in the library or recently I found this cool set of bubble wands.  Here's another picture of BUBBLES!

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