Friday, April 10, 2015

Family Fun Night- BINGO!

This month's Family Fun Night was BINGO.  We alternate with a movie night and a game night.  BINGO is fun and everyone can get involved...even the little kids. 

We started with a short devotion from Romans 6:23 with an object lesson that involved a candle flame and a balloon that pops and a bloon filled with water that doesn't pop. (Thanks to Marybeth Heatwole Moore for the idea).  They LOVED it.  Everyone kept saying "Do it again!"  We followed with a short discussion which was good and helped me to trust that the object lesson didn't trump the verse.  In other words, they understood the point.  The verse was essentially: "We pay for our sins with death, but through the work of Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for us, God gives us eternal life."  A good verse for the Easter season. Praise God for that gift!

Next up was a light dinner (sandwich, chips and dip, and a cupcake).  The food part of the evening is always popular.

We had time for three BINGO games.  Each time we played until we had a winner and continued until about 8 people had won. Then everyone dumped their beans back into a pile and I erased the board and we played again.  So thankful to MaryBeth for the donation of candy for prizes.

Here are some pictures from the evening.

 A little abnormal...

 Winning a candy prize.

More winners and Fermin pretending to sneak one from the pile.

The littlest ones had a blast.

Fun!  Thanks to Sulmi for taking the pictures :-)

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