Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Annual "Fun Run"

Yes! Those are Virginia Tech T-shirts! We have a school T-shirt/logo, but many of the children can't afford them. Virginia Tech donated several boxes of "old" shirts with 2007 and 2008 dates on them. Now we all can wear something that matches. It's great for field trips and PE.
This is the second year that a Colorado based agency called One World Running has donated thousands of shoes to Belize. They donate through the Special Olympics (among other places). Each major city in Belize holds a "fun run" for special children and anyone else who wants to participate. At the end of the race the children get new tennis shoes. This year I was put in charge of organizing it. Lots of people helped. The school kitchen people cooked up 300 powder buns and bagged 300 bags of water to be passed out. A man from the community donated 300 bags of ideal (something similar to Koolaid). Our district representative (Johnny Briceno) gave a pep talk, the Mayor said some words of encouragement, our school priest led a prayer, and the deaf children signed the national anthem. The race was about half mile. We wanted it to be short so it would be accessible to all of the 42 diasbled children in our school. The weatherman forcasted rain, but the rain held off. It was a great day.

Gloria Lehman asked for a photo of me and some students. This is the afterschool gang. They hang around for about an hour. There actually are a couple of disciplined stoic looking photos, but I like this one better.

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