Friday, April 2, 2010

Our Trip to Lamanai

Baron Bliss Day (March 9) is a holiday that celebrates the "Heroes and Benefactors of Belize". Sulmi had been itching to go to Lamanai. Neither she nor Kristel had ever seen it. I opted to take the boat instead of driving because I wanted the girls to get to see all the flora and fauna along the way. We saw lots of birds, bats, iguana, turtles, monkeys and crocodiles.

This angry crocodile is alive. He jumped in the water soon after Sulmi snapped the shot.

The boat pulled over to a spot where these spider monkeys frequent. Someone from another boat had some bananas. The monkey jumped right into their boat to grab the bananas. After he ate it, he jumped into our boat looking for more. There was another monkey who kept his distance and swung in the branches of the nearby trees. It was cool to see them so close up. Sulmi and Kristel reached out to pet the monkey as he wandered around our boat. I didn't.

We opted not to go on the tour since we couldn't hear what the guide said. Instead we spent a lot of time at the "High Temple". The girls made it to the top in about half of the time it took me. It was fun!

Here is a pic of the girls at the top.

This is all three of us at the end while we waited for the guide to return with the tour group.

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful blog, Nancy. It is an encouragement and an inspiration to hear how the Lord walks with you in Belize. The pictures are beautiful. Remembering the concerns and problems you told about a yr. or so ago, the Lord is certainly blessing your church with growth in their walk with the Lord. Bless you and the church. May the Lord strenthen you in all that he is leading you to do there.