Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hi ho Hi Ho It's Visiting We Go

One of the things I wish I had more time for is visiting with the Deaf people in the more remote villages. Today I had a free day so Angelica and I headed out to San Roman Village to see Leidy and Diego. Leidy is 19. Diego is about 25. They are brother and sister and both are deaf. Leidy has a common-law husband who is hearing. The last time Angelica or I saw her was when she was in the hospital after having the baby last December. We miss them. It was wonderful to talk with them. Leidy wants so badly to come to church. Pray that she can find someone from their small village who regularly comes to Orange Walk on Sunday mornings... or that Mario or someone who lives north will go out of their way to pick her up.
Update August 22, 2010: Yea! Mario went to San Roman this Sunday to pick up Leidy. Hooray for God giving him a license. Hooray for God giving him the vehicle. Hooray for Mario wanting to do something for someone else even though it cost him gas money! It was wonderful to see her. I think Leidy was glad to be around deaf people...she must be loney with only the hearing people in her village and her brother

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