Saturday, August 21, 2010


Here we all are except for Mary Beth who was taking the picture. We had 13 deaf children for VBS this year. Mary Beth, Chris Moore and their deaf sons Mynor and Mario from Staunton, Virginia came to help. Maggie, Angelica's mom, cooked all of our mid-day meals. The theme was practical Christianity based on the book of James. The curriculum we used was the Jeff and Toby Parable Theater from Deaf Missions. It came with lots of well thought out ideas for planning as well as a funny video-taped skit for introducing each lesson.
We dramatized Bible stories and creative spin-offs.

We worshipped in song. Here Mary Beth is singing "Need You".

Bible memory was easier for some than for others, but everyone learned at least one of the verses from the week. Misael is holding his Bible memory book.

We ate all of our meals together and shared in the clean up.

There was lots of time just to chat and be with friends.
One of the highlights of VBS was making tie-dyed T-shirts. Mary Beth found a way to print a Jesus' Deaf Church logo on the front at the "name tag" area and big cross on the back with an ILY handshape. She brought the printed white shirts and dye from the US. We had a wonderful, messy afternoon making them into bright tie-dye'd shirts.

Cooling off with a swim in a nearby pool was an ideal way to spend hot, sunny afternoons.

On the third day of VBS we studied James 2: 14-26. It is the passage where James says if you have "faith" but do nothing, your faith is worth nothing. "If you say to a person 'God be with you. I hope you stay warm and get plenty to eat,' but do not give the person what they need, your words are worth nothing." Our group had never DONE something for someone else. As Deaf people and poor people in Belize we tend to be on the receiving end most of the time. So I thought it would be good for the children to have an opportunity to do something for someone else. We went to Liberty Children's Home one afternoon. Liberty Children's Home is an orphanage for children who are HIV positive. We planned games for the children and gave them ice cream.
It's interesting that the deaf child who I thought was having the hardest time trying to put the Liberty children's needs ahead of his own, that VBS'er who I thought was acting like he was bored and not really helping much, was the one who on the last day when we were summing up said his favorite part of VBS was going to Liberty Children's Home. (Not swimming, or dramas or ice cream but this service project.) Hmmmm. Some of the seeds we are planting are taking root even when it seems like they aren't.

Here we are at the gate to Liberty Children's Home wearing our snazzy Jesus' Deaf Church VBS T-shirts.

Edgar helped the children make bead necklaces and bracelets.

Angelica and Sulmi did face painting.

We gave everyone some ice cream with sprinkles.

Elizanie and Rayan helped the children to play a ping pong toss game.

The Moore Family gave us new Bibles.

The children helped each other try to find the verses we were studying.

And we played games.

All in all it was a wonderful VBS. I thank the Moore Family for coming and helping us, for donating T-shirts, Bibles and other things, and mostly for bring their sons Mynor and Mario who were delightful. I thank God for keeping everyone safe, particularly while swimming and while we were driving. God's hand was on each of us working many little miracles that helped our days go smoothly and helped the children to grow as disciples of Jesus.

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