Friday, October 1, 2010

A New School Year

It's time put up some pictures of the new school year.
I have 8 students. They are all Deaf and range in age from 9 to 15. Angelica has also returned to be the teacher assistant. I was holding the camera so I am not in the picture this time.
Yes, that is an Orea cookie on Misael's eye. We were playing one of the "Minute to Win it" games called "Bite the Bickie". In this picture Misael is trying to jiggle the cookie from his forhead down into his mouth without using his all.

It's a major giggle-fest as Rayan and Elizanie give it a try.

Hipolito and Alejandro look through some of the books we made in years past.

Misael reading a book.


Sulmi and Gineli

Please pray for us, particularly that the children will learn to be tolerant and patient with each other. Thanks, Nancy
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  1. Nice to see your post again! Will pray for your children and for you.