Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Don't Even THINK of Throwing That at Me!"

On Friday after Bible study, Juan noticed my cats pawing at something on the screen. We all went over to see. It was a GIANT grasshopper. Enormous! Juan (ick!) picked it up (awghhh!)and brought it towards me. I'm not usually afraid of bugs, but this thing was Gigantic...Yikes!
Yea, I panicked a little bit while everyone laughed...then I buckled under and got the camera.
Bible study is going well with 5 regulars. Juan and Angelica want to be baptized. We're looking at early December (when the rainy season is ending and it is not yet too cold to take a swim). Praise God that he has worked a miracle in Juan's life. Juan comes from a family that drinks rum or beer everyday until they pass out. His brother was killed 6 months ago after a fight with a drunk neighbor. Juan has lived his 27 years surrounded by alcohol. This week he is celebrating his third month of sobriety. Total abstinance. He gets teased. They try to get him to drink. They leave beer and rum around his house, but he is a new man. Praise God.


  1. What wonderful news. Will they get married too?
    God's power is being manifested and the family will perhaps believe soon too.

  2. Great job Juan, through the power of God!