Monday, March 7, 2011

Discipling and Teaching Believers

Diego is 25. He biked all the way from San Roman Village (on muddy roads ...25 miles?) in the rain to ask me to give him a Bible. We spent some time reading and praying together. He likes to use a sign language dictionary (Signing Illustrated) to identify the words he does not know. I watched him find the sign for b-e-c-a-u-s-e. When he saw it he had an "ah HA!" expression and then went back to the Bible passage and kept reading. I had never thought of using the sign language dictionary to help Deaf people read the Bible. He is so hungry for the Word. It's clear that the Spirit is leading him and counseling him. He lights up when he talks about following Jesus and learning about God.

Juan (center) is also eager to learn how to read the Bible. He never went to school so it's a challenge. He gets a lot of help from Angelica and Alejandro at our Friday night Bible Study. Two weeks ago he read a passage for worship.

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