Monday, March 7, 2011

A New Housemate

You might remember Gineli. She has been in my class since I came here to Belize. She also lived with me while her mother was getting dialysis in Mexico. Her mother died last year. Recently her sister Maria has spent increasingly more time on the island of Caye Caulker where she lived before her mother's illness and where she has a shop. Gineli was missing a lot of school because Maria has become her primary caregiver. Gineli loves to go to Caye Caulker with her sister but there is no classroom on the island for deaf children and no teacher who knows signs. So, Gineli is going to spend the school week with me and then take the boat to Caye Caulker on the weekends. We'll see how it goes. Pray that Gineli and Maria both can deal with the separation. Pray that the threesome of Kristel, Sulmi and Gineli works out with understanding and kindness, not jealousy.
Here is another picture from our first night.

We were uncontrollably cracking up. There are lizards that come out every night and climb the walls. Sulmi suggested I get a yellow sticky strip (like the kind that we used to hang in the cow barn to catch flies). What had us rolling on the floor was her dramatization of a lizard getting stuck...first a front foot, then a back foot, then the tongue one body part at a time until all he could do was wiggle and roll his eyes. with his tongue stuck on the strip. It sounds a little gruesome as I read it now, but it as hilarious to see her facial expressions.

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