Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some Pics From Deaf Church Last Sunday

Kristel and buds.

Mario (24) was one of the first people to be baptized in our church. He is faithful, not a leader, but an encourager.
Manuel and Mario. Manuel told the story of David and Goliath last Sunday. He preaches/shares a story a couple of times a month. We are meeting on Satuday mornings to rehearse, pray, and recognize how the Holy Spirit is enabling him. Please continue to pray for him. He struggles with the same temptations all 20 year old "boys" face.

Juan (29) and Angelica (24). They were just baptized this past December. Juan is hungry to learn about God and so patient. He sees his ministry as being a model and an encourager to younger boys who are dealing with temptations with alcohol. They both are faithful members of our Friday Night Bible Study.

Luis is clowning around and trying to get Edgar to smile. Praise God that Luis has a sponsor and has been able to continue with school. Thank God that Edgar has a job at New River Wood Products. He started there during his senior year as a vocational training opportunity. They hired him at the end of the school year. He is so lucky (blessed) to have that job.

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