Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Team Belize

Special Eduction Belize is headed to Greece in June for the 2011 Special Olympics Games. We will send a team of 8 football players, (three coaches, and one Special Olympics Board Member.) There are only 8 players on our team because in Special Olympics they play 5 on a side on a reduced field that is about 1/4 of a normal football field. Special Education students from all over the country have been training for about a year and some longer to earn a position on the Belize Team. On Saturday the children from the north (Orange Walk and Corozal Districts) and coaches traveled in my van to Belmopan (the capital city) for the final tryout for the team. I am delighted that Sydney Rhaburn (tall, smiling, center, back row) from St. Peter's made the team and will get to be part of the awesome experience of traveling to Greece and being part of the Olympic events.

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