Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gifts for Mommy

My prescious little cat, who looks more like a kitten, is always bringing me "gifts". Once she brought a snake inside. This is a poor toad that she tossed around until it stopped moving (smart toad). We have received lovely foot long snakes, many huge crickets, and even a hummingbird...(poor thing). Some of the toads are poisonous. Dora Taylor wrote in one of her books about a dog who bit a poisonous toad and died. Hmmmm. So far she uses a soft mouth just to carry the critter into the house and drop it. When she brought the snake, it snapped at her and she recoiled...backing away from it. I quickly swept it outside. A neighbor said I should have taken the machete and killed it. (Blecch!) I guess that makes sense but I am hoping it learned to stay away from my predator cat.

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