Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Introducing Luis and Jaheed

Here's a picture of my two new students. Luis (13) was in our class before but had not come to school this year. His family pulled him out to work and earn money for the family. The job didn't work out so thankfully, he is now back in school. I also thank God for a special donor who is paying his school fees and bought him uniforms.

The other student is Jaheed. He is 11 and hard-of-hearing. Using hearing aids, he tried to make it in the mainstream, but his speech is not clear and he was not making progress with reading. Being in our class is the right placement and we are glad to have him. He has a little bit of CP and that makes signing a little difficult. He smiles all the time and is trying hard to learn to communicate. Angelica gives him one-on-one attention most of the day.

Now I have 10 students ages 9 to 15....4 girls and 6 boys.

This is what I get for bringing the camera out during recess. As soon as the hearing kids saw me taking pictures of Jaheed and Luis, they all wanted to be in the shot. Some of these children are in the sign language class I teach on Fridays. The boy on Jaheed's left is Alejandro, Edgar's little brother.

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