Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thanks for supporting the Feeding Program!

Thank you for supporting our Lunchtime Feeding Program. Ours is the only school in Orange Walk that serves lunch to some of poorer children and those who live too far to walk home for lunch. The money for this lunch is almost totally supported by donations. Thank you for putting a warm meal in about 52 tummies every day.

Rice mixed with beans and a piece of chicken which has stewed in a local spice called recado, is a staple of the Belizean diet. We all eat this at least once a week, and usually more often. We also eat other foods that are influenced by Mexican cuisine like salbuttes, panades, tacos, and burritos. One of my favorite Belizean foods is soup made with marinated onions and baked chicken. It's called escabeche. We eat that with corn tortillas. When they serve it to the children in the kitchen they make fresh homemade corn tortillas...oh YUMMMM there is nothing better. Last night a friend asked me what I was going to cook for Sulmi and me for dinner. I said, "Blackbeans, corn, and an egg with leftover rice. " It's common to eat stewed beans and ...something (flour tortilla, rice, corn tortilla, nacho chips, eggs, or bread) in the evening.

BUT... tonight we ate BLT's. Sulmi had never had bacon, and wrinkled her nose when I tried to describe a BLT. Evenso, it was yummy with fresh lettuce and tomatoes from the garden :-)

More than all this talk about food, I wanted you all to know how thankful I am for the people who came through for us by supporting the feeding program. You are angels. Thanks!

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