Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hooray for the Lord of the Harvest

The children were thrilled to harvest 10 heads of Romaine and leaf lettuce, four tomatoes and all of the radishes from the garden this week. The children are so proud of their garden. They mention it almost every day in morning classroom prayers. They think it looks pretty and feel a sense of accomplishment. I thank God for this wonderful project we get to be part of...hand in hand with him. I also am thankful for the people who helped to contribute to this project by making the beds, or paying for seeds, or donating the fertilizer.

And the growing season here just "keeps on goin". There are lots of tomatoes ripening on the vine, 15 - 20 more heads of lettuce and soon there will be carrots and cucumbers to pick. Fun! (Sure beats shoveling snow... smile)

1 comment:

  1. Blessings in the fruit of your labors. Many more blessings to those who found the gift of gardening to use in life!