Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Community Service Project

Carl and Laisha plant some flower seeds.

For our "service project" for Education Week, all of the special education students went to the Ministry of Education to plant a garden and paint a mural on the wall.

While I supervised the planting, Elodia, Helena, and Angelica helped the children to put their hands on the wall to make the mural and still other teachers watched and entertained the children who were not planting or painting. It also helped that the night watchman for the building, Domacio, has such a big heart that he borrowed a pick and completely dug up and watered the garden space a couple of days before we came. Now he waters it every night and I bet he will even weed it, eventually. Thank you God for the opportunity to "serve" and for all who made it a successful day.

Here's most of the gang in front of our rainbow of hands mural. On Monday, Commonwealth Day, I will have time to paint the words from the Education Week theme above the hands.
Education Empowers: creating change, nurturing minds, embracing the future

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  1. Nancy
    thanks for this post.
    There's such joy in sharing and serving. It's one of the great lessons that we can teach others. But like many of the worlds great lessons students will best learn it from the experience.