Friday, June 3, 2011

A New Friend

Kristel has her priorities straight. She loves to socialize... she loves to chat... and she really gives her friends 100%. Last week while Kristel and Sulmi were waiting for me to finish watering the garden, they sat at the picnic tables on the school grounds and talked. Then Kelsey walked by. Kelsey is a 16 year old Deaf girl who used to live in Belize City but recently moved up to OW. Nobody knew that. Evidently she had been riding the bus back and forth to attend school in Belize City and she passes our school on her walk home. Kristel and Sulmi were ecstatic. They knew her from the annual spelling bee and from Mennonite gatherings. Kelsey is a nice girl...not into "drama"...she smiles alot and was happy to have a local friend. Kristel immediately asked her to church.
Today after school they walked around the corner to her house to visit. We are so glad that Kelsey moved into our neighborhood.

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