Friday, June 3, 2011

Sometimes They Surpise Me

This is Alejandro and his mom.
Alejandro started his internship at the landscaping business. He is in "propogating" (he weeds and waters). He likes gardening and maybe this will turn into a full time job for him after he graduates June 22. It depends on his work ethic and if he can figure out how to communicate with his hearing boss. One of his biggest hurdles is he does not like to eat meat. Who would have thought that figured into the equation???!!

He's not a vegetarian..but he has had some bad experiences with beef and pork that has not been refrigerated. He is scared of getting sick form eating "meat". The men he works with noticed he only eats beans and chicken. Tomorrow they are going to buy some cooked beef and make him eat it at lunch. I asked him what he was going to do. He said, "Tough it out."

I'm proud of him.

Last Friday at Bible study he said he needed a cap to wear to block the sun. After everyone left we headed to town and hit the "Guatemalan stores". They have a good supply of mens caps with all kinds of logos from US baseball teams, to marijuana leaves, to solid colors, and lots of "HIP HOP" money, gold, "I'm rich" messages. There was one that was black and had a cross on it. It had a heart and the word "Jesus". He picked it up and said, "Hey here's a Christian hat". "It says love and it's got a cross. I like that."
Hmmm... Most of his buddies go for the "hip hop" variety. I was surprised to see him pick the cap with "Jesus" on it. He loves it.
Me? I would have picked something solid. Now how boring is that! Good for you Alejandro!

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