Friday, June 3, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Swim

My Sunday morning routine begins about 7:30 when Kristel and I drive the van all over OW picking up the Deaf people who come to church. This last Sunday she invited Kelsey to come and they were both at my gate about 7:15. It was already hot. The sun was getting an early start on it's climb to 95 degrees (in the shade). As I peeled my legs off the seat and got out of the van to greet Sulmi's parents at her house, I told Sulmi...when church is over, let's go swimming. Sulmi, Kristel and Kelsey chimed in with a few arm pumps and broad smiles, "Yeah!!!"

A little later in the morning drive we arrived at Elizanie's house. Kristel said, "Can Elizanie come swimming, too?" (We now had about 12 people in the car who all looked at me saying "swimming???!!") I had a feeling this after church swim was going to get bigger.
By the time we arrived at church I had invited all of the girls to come to my house for lunch and then a swim...we would take the boys June 11th.

The whole afternoon swim was full of smiles, no fighting, no drama, just laughter. It was a wonderful day. Ahhhh. How refreshing.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your last blog stories.
    Some new people entering your fold. Thanks.