Sunday, June 26, 2011

Church This Morning

Praise God for a wonderful church gathering this morning. It started with about 35 minutes of Spirit led singing. Manuel led "I want to be a Christian in My Heart" closed his eyes and made us all want to take the words seriously. There were maybe 12 songs before we stopped.

I led a sermon/teaching moment about lying. Four people read Bible verses and explained what they meant. Then we did dramas with various scenerios about choosing to lie or choosing to not lie. Everyone was in one of the dramas.

Tien Lee who is new to Orange Walk, wanted me to take pictures so she could label them and get to know the names. I thought that was a good idea but I only had my phone camera. they are a little fuzzy...

The Band of Brothers: Sherwin, Alejandro, Edgar, and Mario

Jaheed, Rayan, Misael, and Jaheed's hearing brother Raheem with Manuel in the back.

Senaida (with her daughter Olinda in front of her), Juan, Angelica, and Nicole

Delina, Yelitza (with her daughter Kristen in front of her), Kelsey, Sulmi, Elizanie, and Kristel

I just realized that because the pictures were "for Tien Lee" she is not in any of them....bummer. Next time we will get the whole gang.

Continue to pray for Luis, Hipolito, Sair and Alva who were absent today. Thanks for your prayers. Our Deaf Church is growing, maturing and becoming "family". God is good.

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