Friday, June 17, 2011

A Drippy Trip

I am not too fond of zoos, generally speaking. I know they help to breed animals that are endangered but I hate to see caged (well-fed but pacing) animals. BUT the Belize zoo is a beautiful environment. It is designed like the jungle that the animals call their home. The shaded pathways have natural plantings along the sides and occassionally you will see an agoti (rabbit rodent) running around. They also have spider monkeys that swing through the trees and sit on the branches, jaguars, and the National Animal of Belize called a Tapir. You won't find an elephant or giraffe here because all of the animals in the zoo are "rescued" animals native to Belize.

Atlantic Bank wanted to make a donation of a field trip to the zoo, all expenses paid and lunch catered. They chose our special educaiton unit as the recipient. Lucky us!!!

The day started out perfectly with everyone in the bus excited and chomping on their snacks, but 30 minutes on down the road it started to rain. When we got to the zoo, we took shelter and tried to figure out what to do. We decided to eat lunch first and see if the weather changed by the time we were done. Lunch was yummy, but the rain continued.

The children in my class brainstormed ideas of what we could do. Misael said. "Let's just run and see the zoo really fast." Rayan said to pass out garbage bags and everyone could wear one. We looked around and counted umbrellas. There were 40 people and 4 umbrellas. Finally the rain became a drizzle and the 7 foot guide....whoooooosh took off at a clip. We followed trying to keep up. He took us to see the jaguars and feed the macaw. We got a dashing peak at the crocodiles and some birds as the rain started to come down harder again.

All in all the children would say it was a fun trip. I think the rain and what we actually saw didn't matter. It was an "adventure".
Rayan checks out the Boa Constrictor.

This place is so pretty, even in the rain.

Ok. Mystery picture game time: Can you find the sleeping jaguar? He is off the ground and hidden by a large log.

Our girls got a turn to feed the macaws.

A pretty hibiscus that hung over the path.

Taking cover in the picnic area.

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