Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lamanai High

Woooo hoo! Lamanai. We love this place!

Our class joined the Standard 2 regular ed. class on a field trip to Lamanai. Some of the Maya ruins date back to the 16th century BC (!), but the period when Lamanai was at its height was the 600 years between 100 BC and 500 AD. This is OLD stuff. It's fascinating and beautiful...set on a lake and surrounded by jungle (rainforest).

There we are in yellow shirts climbing the stairs to the top of the "High Temple".
The view from the top.

Going dowwwwwnnnnn.

... a sweaty picture of me.

... an old sugar mill built by the Brittish, hence the imported brick. It looks so out of place here.
Woooo hoo! Lamanai. We love this place!

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