Saturday, July 2, 2011

Courageous Faith

She has the courage of Daniel and is only 16!

One of the girls in our Deaf Church has parents who are avid Jehovah's Witnesses. They go to all of the meetings and Bible studies. They require that their children attend these as well. Two weeks ago on Saturday Julie told her parents she did not want to be a JW. She said she is a Christian and wants to go to the Deaf Church. Her mother says that because she wants her daughter to learn about God, she will let her come to the Deaf Church when there is no conflict with the JW. BUT... she has to go
to the JW meetings, every one, without fighting or she will be punished. When she refused to attend a meeting on Satuday, they took away priveledges from her. Her punishment, not permitting her to attend Deaf Church. It did not deter her. Last night when the mother let her go to our Deaf Bible study for women, this young girl spoke out about her faith. She signed to her father until he could understand her explaining that she does not believe in the JW testimony and wants to be free to be a Christian. The father said, "No." Finally after her persistance the father said that when she reaches her 18th birthday she can choose. (She will be 17 this August). I am sure she will stand tall in one year on her 18th birthday and proclaim, "I want to be a Christian." It will be a great day: cake, ice cream, and baptism. Lord, thank you for her courage as a model and inspiration for us. Preserve her until that day.

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