Monday, July 30, 2012

Just OK?

This Chinese restaurant is in Orange Walk. It has been here about 7 years.  I always think it is kind of funny that they named it "OK Restaurant".  I mean, who wants to eat at an "ok" Chinese restaurant?

But honestly I think I understand...Living in Japan for a little while I learned that "OK" is sort of a submissive "at your service" kind of word.  "Ok, I will do it for you, no problem". Maybe that is what they were intending. ???

 Evidently some other Chinese family here decided to move in next to their competition.   What did they name their restaurant?

 Excellent Restaurant!

Ha!  It makes me laugh every time I pass it.  When I showed Sulmi the pictures she said, "Yeah, funny, but the "OK Restaurant" has better food."    True!  (smile)