Saturday, August 4, 2012

Girl's Night is Grooooowing!

      We have a Bible study and  evening meal for Deaf women every Friday night. We are currently using a study called A One-Year Guide to Growing in Christ-like Character.   The study is from CORE Discipleship, an online resource.

      Ours is a mixed group in many ways ...not only do we range in age from 56 (Martha) to 8 months (Joshue), at least 4 of the 10 people in our group never went to school, can't read, and use only "body language". Simple signs like "woman" or "man" aren't understood, so we have to try to experiment with gestures until the meaning of the verse or thought is conveyed. It's tough, but we are all getting better at it. 

 Yaniry is preggers with her second child.  She is 34.   I am praying the baby is healthy. Her baby is due Sept. 8.  It looks like August is going to be a long month for her.

After the Bible study and meal we always end up standing in a circle and just gabbing.   Often Alva is the center of the conversation.  Watching how groups work is interesting...but I think the reason Alva is usually the center is not only the power her persona commands, but also she is soooooo verbal.   She likes words...likes writing and reading... while many of the others find it hard to communicate their thoughts and ideas.

It's wonderful to see how God is encouraging this small group of believers.  They are trying to walk the narrow way and help each other.  I wonder sometimes where they would be if we did not have a Girl's Night. Maybe they would be alone at home and trying to walk the way of Jesus on their own.  It's good to have sisters on the journey.

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