Wednesday, October 3, 2012


"People don't change".  Have you heard people say that?  It's not true.  I see God changing people all the time.  Change is not usually fast, and it is not always permanent, but God is busy calling all of us into a relationship with him, molding us into his image, showing us the Way of the Kingdom and encouraging us to stay on the path. Many of the Deaf people here in Belize are responding to God's call.

Here are some examples:

This is Alva and her son Joshue.  Isn't he adorable? They are so happy.   God has made a huge transformation in Alva's life.  He gave her a second chance to be a Mom.  She reads her Bible, writes prayers and Bible verses on her wall, confesses, and loves her baby. Sometimes she is lonely and often she is bored but she is trying to make good choices and be the best Mom she can. 

I love Samnang.  My heart just goes out to her as if she were my daughter.  
Who is this? One day last week before the girls had left for school Sherwin came to our door.  He had driven his bus to my house to show us the new uniform for his work with the bus company. Wow!  His shirt was tucked in.  His pants were at his waist. He had a belt.  He had nice black work boots that were tied. We told him how handsome he looked hoping it might carry over to his dress down days.   Maybe..... smile.  Sherwin is coming to church irregularly and does not come to boys night, but the fact he wanted to show me his uniform and how proud he was, made me feel he is trying to make some good choices.

Transformation is not a pill we take and "presto-change-o" we are new people.  It's a process of trying to make right choices, and learning to listen to God.  By 55 I thought I would have gotten farther on this road to being more like Jesus, but it's a daily battle, changing little by little.  I pray the Holy Spirit will continue to help these young adults become more and more like Jesus.  It's a privilege to get to walk with them.

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  1. You are right in the middle of God's plan to see transformation happen is these lives and others yet to come! Keep going Nancy His touch through you is making a difference and in the land and people we love!