Saturday, November 3, 2012

St. Peter's Thank You Card Company

Misael (11)
He's taking his job very seriously, making sure the "Thank You" stamped paper is straight.
     For the past three years the Deaf class has made Thank You cards and sold them for the annual fundraiser.  Ms. Francelia asked me to help the children make them again.  This time we made a string painting, glued it on to a piece of card stock, stamped "Thank You", and finished it off with a sticker on the back that says "Handmade by the Deaf Class at St. Peter's Anglican School." They look so attractive and each one is different.  It was fun to make, too.
Jaheed (13)
His sign name is "happy" because he is always smiling.

Elizanie (13) is signing "Stubborn" to Kristel who is not in the photo.  I don't think Kristel was doing anything "stubborn". She may have been laughing.  Elizanie was just shy about having her picture taken so she was ragging on Kristel in a "stop-it" kind of way.

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