Thursday, November 22, 2012

Special Olympics Regional Games in Orange Walk

We had a beautiful, sunny, 80 degree day for our Special Olympics Regional Game which met in Orange Walk.  As with many events in Belize it started with a parade that included drummers.  The sound of the drums lends a nice syncopated beat to the walking and makes people feel jovial and in a mood for socializing.

The Orange Walk team wore their new PE shirts with the school logo on the chest.  There were about 250 people involved including officials, parents and participants from Orange Walk and Corozal.

Morine, her sister and their mom wait patiently for the festivities to begin.  They sip icy drinks that were available at the stadium.

Jaheed, Misael, Kristel and Elizanie sat on the top of the bleachers and mugged for the camera as we waited. Below you see Kristel's dad coaching her to throw the shot put.  It was wonderful to see him  helping out.  He stayed on and helped record scores for the coaches.  Thanks Vidal!

The morning was filled with the track and field events including the shot put, baseball throw and  running and walking races.  The afternoon was a football (soccer) game which would determine whether Orange Walk or Corozal would go to the National Games the first week of December.  Orange Walk won (Yea!!!)  While the football game was in progress, I did face-painting for anyone who wanted it.  I painted over 100 kids!  Some even washed it off and came back for a second picture!  I like doing face-painting and will probably set up shop again on December 7 when the school has a fundraiser.

Note:Kristel, Elizanie, and Misael won most of their events and will go to Punta Gorda, Belize for the National Games.  Sounds like fun but I will cheer from afar. :-)

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