Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Some Random Holiday Pics

This is Solana (aka. "Scratch").  Sol means sun, but it may be a misnomer because she sleeps about 22 hours a day.  Sometimes, when she is awake and not eating, she likes to sit on the top of this chair and watch the world go by outside.  I took this picture because it looks like only a cat could be comfortable in that position. She's 7 years old, loving and always wants to sit near me or rest her head on my arm while I am on the computer.  However, she goes through this complete character change with other people and becomes bossy and protective of her "space".  Sulmi named her "scratch". Fortunately, with age, she has mellowed...some.

 Brittany said, "Let's have a Thanksgiving meal with pumpkin pie." 
I haven't celebrated Thanksgiving since I came to Belize.  I don't know why.  I think I just didn't feel the need to maintain that American tradition here. But...sure, why not?
So we bought the pureed pumpkin and Sulmi, Brittany and I made the dough and batter.  We baked two chickens, found cranberry sauce in the store (surprising), and whipped up some mashed potatoes.  Sulmi invited Kristel and I invited Juan and Angelica, Manuel and Edgar.  
It was a nice night.
What do teenage girls do when they have a friend come sleepover?   Play Buggle, check Facebook and video chat, of course!   Oy!

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