Saturday, December 8, 2012

Joshue is 1 year old! (already)

 A few weeks ago Alva told me that she wanted to have a ONE year birthday party for her son Joshue.  She said she had been saving money and was starting to make plans. I knew her house was too small so I said, "Great! Where are you going to have the party?"   She laughed and replied, "At your house!".... hmmm.

We decided to have the party as part of Girl's Night Bible Study and let the moms bring all of their kids.  It was fun to watch Alva organize it and take responsibility.  I really (REALLY) wanted to make some changes, particularly with the food, but it was her party so I sat on my hands and encouraged her to go ahead with her plans.   I'm so glad I didn't say anything.  Her plan worked out perfectly.  It was a good lesson for me in letting go of control.
 Some of the women are eating chips and dip...a typical Belize party food.

Joshue was a little tired and probably had no clue what the big deal was all about. I thank God for this precious gift that he has blessed us with and I look forward with anticipation what God's plans are for him.

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