Monday, November 5, 2012

There are Bugs in the Pasta!

     "ARGHH!  There are bugs in the pasta!" Brittany exclaimed in her most animated meek, mild voice.
      "That's what the little strainer is for." I tried to suggest helpfully.  She looked at me  incredulously:  Are you serious?
      Yeah,  Bugs manage to get into everything: factory sealed pasta, tupperware, even "lock and lock" containers.  CheezWhiz glass jars which have rubber lined lids seem to have the most protective seal.  These jars are keeping the ants out of my sugar, so far.
      I did tell Brittany that when she seasons the pasta to leave out the pepper.  It will make her feel less paranoid eating her meal without wondering if the black speck is a bug that escaped the strainer.

Yummm! One of Brittany's favorite foods from Belize is fresh homemade flour tortilla. She said she wanted to learn how to make them so she could make them when she returns to the US in July. The really hard thing about teaching this is traditionally, there are really no measurements.  You put some flour in the bowl, add a big spoon of baking powder, mix it up and pour some oil over the top.  Then add enough water to make it manageable but not sticky.  Add more flour if it is too sticky.   Then knead.  Sulmi and I showed her the Belizean way to knead the flour and then how to knead small balls. After letting it set a while and while heating up the cormel, Sulmi showed Brittany how to press the dough into a circle.  The tortillas were delicious especially when hot, but, in retrospect I thought, hmmmm, these are good but Camy's, Kristel's mom's tortillas, are great.  They are always soft and just perfect.  Maybe Camy would be willing to give Brittany her  lesson/experience #2. 

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