Friday, September 20, 2013

September Celebrations

The first month of school in Belize is marked by several holidays. September 10 is St George's Caye Day which celebrates the victory of the Baymen (Pirates, loggers, and British settlers) who, against odds, defeated a Spanish Naval fleet that was trying to take over their land.  September 19th is the day we remember George Price, the Father of our country who, over 50 patient years, negotiated a peaceful independence from Britain. On September 20 there was a Children's Rally (parade) to give a shout out for national pride.  Sept. 21 is Independence Day (This year was Belize's 32nd birthday.)

Here are some pictures from the Children's rally:
This little girl from our school is dressed like the Belizean flag.
Here are the "King" and "Queen" for our school. This year they were chosen by their teachers.

Each school in Orange Walk decorated a float.

Several schools had dancers and children in pretty costumes. 

Three children from each school were selected to ride decorated bikes.

The high schools had drum corps.

All of the children who were not in a band or on a float or dancing or on bikes, walked with their classmates in their school uniform behind their school banner.  These are some children from our school: St. Peter's Anglican School.

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