Friday, January 10, 2014

Angels Watchin' Over Me.

Stacey Hall is one of the Angels watching over me.  About a year ago I saw a cute angel craft that she had made and posted on Facebook.  Every year at Christmas time our Deaf Women's Bible study makes a craft.  I thought, "Oh wouldn't those angels be cute to make." and asked Stacey if she could send me the pattern.

She not only sent the pattern and an example but also 12 complete "Angel craft kits" for each woman.  What a blessing!

Thank You Stacey for being an Angel to us!

Alva, Kristel, and Sulmi with Yaniry in the background.

Yelitza and her daughter teamed up together.

The women and girls loved making this.  It took us three gatherings to finish it, but that just extended the fun.

Angelica and Martha could easily craft as a cottage industry if we could figure out something they could make that used materials found locally and which didn't cost too much to "create".

Reinalda was proud of how her angel was turning out.

Sulmi is a little like her adopted mother (smile).  She's very serious about trying to get it just right.

I think the women with small children look forward to the break that a "mom's night out" provides.

Bible Study and craft night would be a disaster if it were not for two other angels: Kathy Miller  and Chelsea Kobylarz.  They take care of and entertain the two toddlers, one 6 month old baby and two young children that belong to Yaniry, Alva and Selena.
It's zooey to try to teach a Bible study with the children being curious and playful in our midst.  But with Kathy and Chelsea keeping the children busy and giving them lots of attention, we have a peaceful study and a relaxing time crafting together.  I am soooo thankful for their help.

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