Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dem Boyz

Well, It was hard to return to Boyz Bible study after Edgar died.  He was THE core member of the group. I could always count on him being there. It was hard for me to try and gather the group without him. I've been dragging my feet for about a month.  The other boys, particularly Juan, wanted to get together for fellowship and to study the Bible.  Several times he asked me, "When will we have Bible study?"   I finally said "Ok".  I'm glad I did.  The group is starting to take on new life.  We added Diego, whom Juan encouraged to come.  It's good to be moving on and talking with them about who God wants them to be.

The photos are from last Saturday, our second gathering this year.  We changed the time from 12 noon to 5 PM.  This works better for all of us. We start with Bible study, then eat a meal, clean up and close with praying for each other.

We are studying what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.  Our study led us to the "Great Commission" in Matthew 28 where Jesus said to "Go", Baptize" and "Teach them all I have commanded you".
What did Jesus command?  There are about 35 times that Jesus gives his disciples or onlookers a command.  "Repent", Give to all who ask", "Pray" "Turn the other cheek".   Each week in our study we will look at another one of Jesus' commands.

Jaheed is helping Juan to read his passage.  Juan never went to school.  Most of the over-25 adults did not have an opportunity to go to a school or learn sign language.  I am so impressed with how fluent Juan has become.  He is in stark contrast to his Deaf brother who does not attend church or fellowship very often with deaf people.   When I see them together I remember just how much Juan has grown.  Please pray that his brother and wife can let go of the chains of alcoholism and reach out to Jesus.

 Misael is spelling a word and asking for the correct sign.

 Manuel still remembers many Bible stories and details from the 2 years that I was training him for leadership.  He's smart, reads some, and has beautiful ASL when he tells a story.

Raheem is Jaheed's hearing brother.  We are hoping that if he comes to the Bible study that he not only learns about Jesus but also learns to sign....beyond gang signs...that is.

Diego is about 27.  He also never went to school.  He works cutting cane and helps support his mother.  Diego has a Deaf sister with 3 children.  We hope to reach out to her.  They live in a little village about 25 miles from OW (San Roman) and 12 miles off of the highway.  Diego bikes that entire distance to come to Boys Night.  He sleeps overnight at Juan's house, goes to church, and then bikes back home.

Manuel took this picture of me preparing the meal.  He thought is was funny how hopeful my dog Gabriel was. 

Misael is helping out with the food preparations.

There are several other Deaf men "out there".  Although they cut sugar cane during the morning and early afternoon, they should be free to come to our Bible study by 5 PM.  Pray that God gives us opportunities to invite them and pray that they respond "yes!" to the invitation.

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