Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Very Successful Game Night!

Family Night this month was an assortment of games
We had a record 45 adults and children.  The games included relays, speed and creative games.  One game ran the whole night.  It was a clothes pin game  Each person gets one clothes pin at the start of the night.   If you catch someone crossing their legs or their feet you can "steal" their clothes pin.  The person who has the most pins at the end of the night gets a Snickers bar.   So through out the pictures you will see people wearing colorful clothes pins :-)

We ate the usual: Belize cheese dip with chips and veggies and brownies for a sweet desert.  It was a blessing to have Carol Rhodes here for the game night.  Many of the children and adults remember her fondly.  I appreciated her help !!!

This is the shoestring licorice game. Without using your hands, you have to nibble on the licorice to be the first to gobble up the lifesaver in the middle.

Several people didn't play games...they just had fun hanging out and talking.

This is the large t-shirt relay.  

 A marshmallow construction where each participant is given 10 marshmallows and raw spaghetti.  The winner creates a tower that is the tallest and remains standing.

and more marshmallow construction

A potato relay (You have to carry the potato under your chin without using your hands.)

Ginelli and Kristel are posing for the picture.  (Note Juan and Angelica cleaning up in the background!!! Hooray for cleaner-uppers.  Kristel and Gineli probably helped before or after the "photo shoot" ;-)

Morine and her hearing sister Adrienne make me smile. 

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