Friday, December 5, 2014

December Family Night is MOVIE NIGHT!

Dinner and a Movie 

 Every month we do something for family night.  For some reason I told them...this time I will serve dinner.  The nice thing is the eating gave us a lot of time to just talk.  That kind of event helps bind us together.

So we ate and talked and then I fired up the projector and plugged in my computer. Whoohoo.  I was pumped to show this really sweet movie called The Christmas Angel (starring Della Reese ...with the theme of trusting God to work miracles.  It was sprinkled with Bible verses.  It got something like 65% NOT-rotten tomatoes.  No angels...just humans trying to do Kingdom work. Awesome!) So I'm pumped and giving them a quick synopsis and push "play" and the movie Left Behind comes on. ???? What?
I try it again...same thing.  So far nobody knows that it's the wrong movie but...I think they are starting to wonder why the movie comes up on the screen and then I turn it off.  Hmmmm
I pray.  "Jesus, please, do something!"  I breathe (giving Jesus a minute to make a miracle) and...
Left Behind comes on again.

The weirdest part for me is that I "tested the link" in the afternoon.  I wanted to make sure it worked...and it did. ??? Puzzling.  No I don't think Jesus wanted us to see Left Behind.  It's too scary a movie for our age group.

We don't have internet at church so I couldn't live stream the Christmas Angel.

Well, I did also download a movie last week that I thought Sulmi and I might watch sometime during the holiday called Beethoven's Christmas about that big Saint Bernard and some antics with an elf.   Yes an elf.  sigh... The last thing I wanted to do was show a Santa Claus movie.  BUT...
It was show time.  NOW!   And all 35 people had eaten and talked to their hearts content and were starting to wiggle, switch seats and stand up.  Hmmm.  I could swear the temperature in the room had risen 10 degrees in the past 3 minutes.

So I clicked the Beethoven movie and we went with that.  They loved the humor and action.  They laughed at the right points.  It was a good family movie...just not a good church movie.

I don't know how to prevent this kind of thing from happening again. If it was a "test" of my patience in a "crisis"...I hope I passed.  I really don't want to take this test again.

In the end I was thankful God had nudged me to download an extra movie even if I thought it was intended just for Sulmi and me.

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