Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fun and Games

Thank You God and thank you to everyone who prayed for our Deaf Church New Year's Eve party! We laughed and smiled and had a blast playing Minute-to-Win-It games and chowing down on finger foods.  I gave each person a number so everyone would be called at least once to play.  The #1's started with the marshmallow game, the #2's were the first to do Cup Stacker, etc.  After the number was called and the corresponding people played their game, we opened it up to the rest of the group to give it a try before going on to the next number and a new game.

Marshmallow Tower

Stack 4 marshmallows that will stand on their own for the count of 5.

Cup Stacker

Take the top of the 32 cups and put it on the bottom.  Continue placing the top cup on the bottom until the differently colored cup cup rises to the top.

Sorting Skittles

Using one hand and moving only one skittle at a time, sort them into the matching color-coded cups.

A Bit Dicey

Hold a tongue depressor in your mouth. Place the dice one at a time in a stack on top of the tongue depressor.  (The people helping are "chasers" who bend over and pick up the dice when they fall so the player can continue playing.)

Warning:  This game will cause your eyes to cross!


Using a chopstick and only one hand, create a tower with all of the ten nuts.


The team of two people that keeps their three balloons in the air and inside their boundary the longest, wins.

Takee Outee

The first person to transfer 10 pieces of popcorn one at a time to the second bowl using chopsticks is the winner. The extra person helps to count the popcorn so the player doesn't have to stop and count.

Thar She Blows!

Using the air from a balloon, blow 12 cups off the top of a table.

Face Cookie

This is a race to move the cookie from the middle of your forehead to your mouth without dropping it or touching it with your hands.

Don't Drop the Baby!

While holding a baby (pillow), gather as many clothes pins as you can with the other hand.

The Food

We ate half-way through the night, about 9:30 PM.  It was sandwiches, Belizean dip with chips, veggies, and brownies.

Lupita volunteered to help serve the food.  

This man, has CP as well as deafness.  He lives not far from me, though he doesn't come to our church and frequents the JW meetings.  When I went outside to dump a bag of garbage midway through the night, he was walking on the road with his sister.  I invited him to come join us.  His name is a D on the opposite hand but I am not sure what it stands for.   I'm glad he joined us.  It was Divine timing that I was out dumping garbage at the very moment he was in front of our house.

The Game Watchers

Our enthusiasm for the game was fanned into flames by the "cloud of witness".


Photo credits go to Kristel Cajun. Sulmi Valencia, Alma Cruz, and me.

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