Monday, May 6, 2013

A Night of Pampering

For about two months now we have moved Women's Bible Study from Friday Nights with dinner to Wednesdays from 1:00-3:00 (without food!).  Traumatic as that sounds, smile, everyone seems to be adjusting well, but they miss the fellowship and fun of gathering together over a meal and telling stories.  So we decided to hold a monthly gathering to just do something fun.  I called it "A Night of Pampering".  We had dinner and then broke into pairs to massage and paint each others hands or feet.  Yelitza was good at making artistic nails.  Kristel ran around and took photos while Joshue ran around ....and around ... "talking" on a phone.

Yaniry's 5 month old baby has one long piece of hair that sticks up on top of his head like Alfalfa.  Pretty cute!

Looking Great! Nice job Britty!

I kept thinking during the evening how this was sort of a modern day "footwashing".  It also impressed me that although we did not have time to switch roles, Alva was content to serve.  Praise God for the changes He is making in her life.

 Joshue, Alva's youngest
 Gane, Selena's youngest.

 Me with Yaniry

 Yelitza making fancy nails for Selena.

 We'll have to do this again.